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PPL Gold Credit Union is a chain located in Allentown, PA. In this particular branch, K&L Woodworking was contracted to produce Plastic Laminate and Metal Laminate casework to match an existing branch. The work produced includes a Reception Desk with Formica DecoMetal Accents and Aluminium Stand-Offs.

Rear Teller Cabinets and Custom Check Station utilize Formica Camel Leather Plastic Laminate Tops with Pionite Graveyard of the Atlantic bases and supports. Not pictured is a Customer Lunch Room which also Utilizes the plastic laminate color scheme listed above. The final piece of this project is a PPL Gold Credit Union logo which was CNC Machined and wrapped in Pionite Brushed Gold and secured to the wall behind the Teller Station.

Casework is constructed from 3/4″ White MCP with Plastic Laminate doors, drawer fronts, and finished sides. Drawers utilize the Grass Zargen System and doors utilize Nexus Concealed Hinges by Grass.

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PPL Gold Credit Union is located in Allentown, PA
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