Products & Services

At K&L Woodworking, we offer a variety of products and services. A listing is available below which outlines items that are made/built to order and the services which we make available. Please feel free to Contact Us for more detailed information or a price quote.


At K&L Woodworking, we receive the vast majority of our lumber in the rough. This ensures that our final product will be straight and true, however, this type of lumber is often difficult to work without the aid of machinery. In the event that you require a surfaced board, please let us know ahead of time so that we may accommodate you. Our supply of material varies throughout the year, however, most often we have the following species available in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, and 8/4. On occasion we also have some 10/4 and 12/4 on hand.

Available Species:

  • Ash
  • Birch
  • White Birch
  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Soft Maple
  • Hard Maple
  • Red Oak
  • White Oak
  • Northeast White Pine
  • Poplar
  • Teak
  • Walnut


Standard profiles are made to order on a job by job basis. We have a variety of stock profiles to choose from, please feel free to take a look at our molding catalog. We are capable of matching existing trim if a custom profile is required for your project. Radius molding is also available in both stock profiles as well as any custom profile you may need matched.


At K&L Woodworking, all of our cabinets are custom. Forget about trying to come up with an elaborate combination of cabinets with a large scribe to make up the difference. Provided accurate measurements, we will provide cabinets that look as though they belong is the space allotted. European (Frameless) as well as those with a face frame are available in both wood veneer and plastic laminate. Our ability does not stop at cabinetry alone, we have done a custom wood applications for Residential, Commercial, and Institutional applications.

Bar Rail

Chicago Style Bar Rail is available both with or without apron. We stock two particular styles in Red Oak and Soft Maple. A variety of other styles are available but are made to order. We can also provide any style of our bar rail in most wood species. Please take a look at our Chicago Bar Rail offerings for more information.

In-Line Finishing

With our in-line finishing station, we are capable of finishing a large volume of flat trim in a short period of time. We are currently able to run approximately 10,000 linear feet per day. Our finishing station accommodates sealer/topcoat, Paint, or Stain. A minimum job size of 500 linear feet is required for this service.

Custom Finishing Department

Our finishing department is a available for a variety of applications and are proficient at creating custom color matches for your existing projects. In addition to color matching, we are capable of spraying a variety of finish types to meet your needs.

CNC Router

Our shop is equipped with a Biesse three-axis router. With this machine, we are able to precisely machine a two-dimensional goods for a variety of applications. The most common of applications is creating precision machined cabinet members. With the aide of our drafting department, we are capable of creating curved cabinetry to match elaborate designs.

Drafting Department

The K&L Woodworking Drafting Department is outfitted with the latest release of AutoCAD. With this software package, we can easily create working shop drawings for jobs of varying size and complexity. In addition to drafting, we also have the capability to incorporate working shop drawings into our CNC Router Station to cut accurate parts and panels. In the event that you are unsure of exactly what you are looking for, our drafting department can help you design your next project.


By working closely with our sister company, HRT Installations, we can insure that all of our projects are professionally installed. Due to this close relationship, there is no confusion as to what parts are or exactly how they function.